The Natural Health Influencer Podcast

Ep 60: Dave Marcus with The Health Benefits of WholeHemp Products

January 27, 2022 Vista Global Media Collective Episode 60
The Natural Health Influencer Podcast
Ep 60: Dave Marcus with The Health Benefits of WholeHemp Products
Show Notes

The legalization of Cannabis shifted the regulations regarding the products on the market, including those made from the rest of the hemp plant. However, the information available on the internet is still relatively unregulated, so, how do you know that what you’re reading is reliable? Talking to us today about this very topic is Dave Marcus, owner of Natural Emphasis Ltd and Abide Inc., who source cannabis products with a focus on sustainability and wellness. The discussion kicks off with a breakdown of how you can find out which CBD hemp-based products are best for you, and why regulatory laws are good for the consumer. Dave describes where you can find reliable information on the benefits of CBD hemp-based products, and touches on the history of hemp and humans. Tune in to find out the products that can be made from each of the different parts of the hemp plant, and the different health benefits to each. Dave breaks down the science behind CBD-A and describes some of the exciting new research showing its possible antiviral properties. Press “Play” now, to learn all this and so much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Today’s topic: CBD hemp-based health products and the ones that are best suited to you. 
  • Why CBD hemp-based products fall under the Canadian health regulations and don't qualify as natural health products.
  • The benefits to regulated products.
  • Who Dave Marcus is, and how you can find your own information!
  • Where you can access information on hemp and CBD oil, and why it’s so hard to find. 
  • How regulations make it difficult to ensure the validity of the information available online. 
  • Why it’s safe to include other parts of the hemp plant (including hearts) in everyday use and the definition of what makes a plant hemp. 
  • The historical use of hemp (for its fiber), and how the market changed to focus on the seed.
  • Where you can go to find out more about the health benefits of cannabinoids:
  • How to navigate the CBD products available: find a legal pharmacy (OCS), and use a full-spectrum whole-plant product for the entourage effect.  
  • A message from Trent E. Nellis and Joel Thuna on the health benefits of Vitamin D3 and K2 Drops. 
  • Breaking down the science behind the antiviral effects of hemp plants. 
  • The study that hints that CBD-A might be able to impact viral transmission! 
  • Simplifying what each part of the hemp plant produces, and how different products are made from these. 
  • Hotseat questions to Dave: green tea, being a nutty chocolatier, driving ratings, and why shaving at the back of a grizzly bear is better than flossing a crocodile!

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