The Natural Health Influencer Podcast

Ep 83: Brain Health with Matthew Bennett

July 07, 2022 Vista Global Media Collective Season 1 Episode 83
The Natural Health Influencer Podcast
Ep 83: Brain Health with Matthew Bennett
Show Notes

We tend to think a lot about mental health and often overlook brain health. Well, not today! If you've ever felt like your brain is lacking energy, if you are worried about neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, or perhaps you’ve had a few concussions, then this is the episode for you! Today, we are joined by Matthew Bennett, the brains behind Brain Evolve. Matthew has extensive experience as an athletic therapist working with professional athletes.  When he started to recognize common patterns among concussion survivors, he became interested in brain health and developed the supplement Brain Evolve. Today, he sheds light on how brain health differs from mental health, what we can do to nourish our brain health, how the effect of COVID-19 on the brain compares to other brain issues, and tips for overcoming a concussion and restoring your optimal brain health. Matthew has three easy things that you can do to start improving your mental and brain health today, tune in to find out what they are! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Matthew Bennett and Brain Evolve.
  • How brain health differs from mental health. 
  • Some of the things we can do to nourish our brain health.  
  • How Matthew came to be so passionate about brain health. 
  • Some of the ingredients found in Brain Evolve and the benefits of the ingredient Curcumin. 
  • How Brain Evolve aids sleep and why this is the number one thing that the brain needs for recovery.
  • What to do if you have brain issues and you can’t sleep.
  • The effects of COVID-19 on the brain and how this compares to a brain issue.
  • Three easy things that you can do to start improving how you’re feeling in terms of mental and brain health. 
  • Allison’s recent second concussion and why being female puts you at greater risk.
  • How the treatment for concussions has changed over the past few years. 
  • Some of the lesser-known symptoms of concussion such as low libido and constipation. 
  • How to get energy back in the brain after a concussion. 
  • The antioxidant of astaxanthin and its effect on reversing macular degeneration. 
  • The role of fatty acids in brain health and why they aren’t included in Brain Evolve.  
  • The benefits of ginkgo biloba. 
  • How to know when it’s safe to start exercising again as a concussion survivor.
  • Matthew’s final words of advice on emotional support.
  • How to find out more about Matthew or Brain Evolve.

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