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Ep 67: Treating Hashimoto’s Through Functional Medicine with Brandi Muilenburg

March 18, 2022 Vista Global Media Collective Episode 67
The Natural Health Influencer Podcast
Ep 67: Treating Hashimoto’s Through Functional Medicine with Brandi Muilenburg
Show Notes

Many common complaints that people have about joint pain and belly fat are not actually normal symptoms of aging but indicators of an underlying autoimmune disorder. After seeing over 40 doctors about the symptoms she was experiencing, Brandi Muilenberg finally discovered that she had Hashimoto’s, and she joins us today to talk about how she used functional medicine to treat herself after ten years of suffering. Brandi is a licensed respiratory care practitioner, an integrative nutritional health coach, a Ph.D. student studying integrative and functional medicine, and the founder of Functionally Autoimmune. Our conversation begins with Brandi telling us about her extensive experience in critical care and how she realized there was a gap in her knowledge when she could find no explanation for the symptoms she was experiencing. We hear about the extensive research she conducted which finally led her to diagnose herself with Hashimoto’s. Even after this point, Brandi talks about how doctors refused to treat her because the thyroid tests they conducted were not accurate enough to pick up imbalances that she later proved she had. In our conversation, Brandi gives us her advice on how to treat yourself if you are experiencing symptoms like hers through diet, sleep, and stress management. We also talk about the central role that gut health plays in immune functioning, how this was the missing piece for Brandi in terms of treatment, and how through functional medicine she was able to get the tests and diet recommendations she needed.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Brandi’s experience as a respiratory therapist in critical care. 
  • How she realized a gap in her knowledge when she started having health issues she did not understand the cause of.
  • The many doctors that Brandi saw to find out what was wrong with her.
  • How Brandi would not accept that there was nothing wrong with her.
  • A moment where a doctor delivered terrible service and Brandi walked out.
  • The shortcoming of conventional medicine as far as preventative care and treating hyper chronic illness.
  • Brandi’s advice to see a functional medicine doctor if you are experiencing autoimmune issues.
  • How Brandi found out she had an autoimmune disorder affecting her thyroid gland.
  • Brandi’s decision to take her health into her own hands.
  • The failure of thyroid tests done conventionally that cannot pick up many types of thyroid issues.
  • A doctor that refused to treat Brandi even though she had proof that she had Hashimoto’s.
  • The research that Brandi did that led her to functional medicine and the main doctors she followed.
  • The typical symptoms of Hashimoto’s and why they are not normal symptoms of aging.
  • The connection between our immune system and the microbiome.
  • How to get in touch with Brandi online.

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