The Natural Health Influencer Podcast

Ep 66: Retraining Your Brain with Ben Ahrens

March 10, 2022 Vista Global Media Collective Episode 66
The Natural Health Influencer Podcast
Ep 66: Retraining Your Brain with Ben Ahrens
Show Notes

Everything we experience in life is because of the messages that come from our brains, but your brain doesn’t have the final say. You do! Our guest on today’s show is someone who knows from personal experience that we can, in fact, retrain our brains and, as a result, improve our quality of life. Ben Ahrens suffered for many months with debilitating symptoms of Lyme disease and post-Lyme syndrome. When he learned about neuroplasticity or the brain’s ability to adapt to change, he empowered himself with knowledge that completely transformed his life , when he put it into practice! Today, Ben runs a company called re-origin, which consists of programs that help people from all over the world who are struggling with issues such as chronic stress and chronic pain. In this episode, Ben shares some of the most effective strategies that you can integrate into your life in order to form new neural pathways and optimize your brain functioning! We hope you’ll join us for this fascinating conversation.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Defining neuroplasticity and how you can change the structures and functions of your brain. 
  • Ben’s experience with Lyme disease and post-Lyme syndrome and the research journey it resulted in.
  • Problems linked with an overactive stress response.
  • Cognitive reappraisal; how this approach can help us better control our stress response. 
  • A statistic which highlights the negative impact that stress has on our lives.
  • The importance of giving yourself time to recover after an energy-exerting activity.
  • Ben explains the idea behind the ‘Science of Small Wins.’
  • Factors you can control when it comes to your physical and mental health. 
  • Simple mood elevation strategies that you can integrate into your everyday life. 
  • The brain retraining program that Ben has created and where you can access it.

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