The Natural Health Influencer Podcast

Ep 61: Optimize Your Workout with Dr. Andrea Proulx

February 03, 2022 Vista Global Media Collective Episode 61
The Natural Health Influencer Podcast
Ep 61: Optimize Your Workout with Dr. Andrea Proulx
Show Notes

If you find joy in movement, you shouldn’t have to endure pain or fatigue. Our guest today is a Naturopathic doctor and masters athlete from Ottawa, Ontario and she is here to offer new ways to think about working out. Dr. Andrea Proulx joins us in conversation to explain how we can personalize our physical activity based on our gender, nutrition, and hormone cycles. She fills us in on some great workout optimization tips from nutrition and supplements to the types of workouts you should be doing at different stages of your life. In this episode, we discover what we can do to prevent pain, fatigue, and burnout, and the different needs men and women have post-workout! We find out what role estrogen plays in athletic performance, and how women can tailor their workouts according to their natural menstrual cycle. Most importantly, Dr. Proulx assures us that we don’t have to live with pain! Join us for this insightful installment of the Natural Health Influencer Podcast, and discover all you need to know about sports performance vitamins, anti-inflammatory foods, and peri-menopausal workouts so you can stay active for longer!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing our wonderful guest, Naturopathic doctor Andrea Proulx!
  • What led Andrea to Naturopathic medicine.
  • How the concept of optimizing the body and brain translates to her approach as an athlete.
  • What sports Andrea plays and the impressive level she plays at!
  • How she cured her chronic pains with Naturopathic medicine and nutrition.
  • Andrea’s top three sports performance vitamins and nutrients to optimize a workout.
  • The benefits of Vitamin D from a sports perspective and how it counters inflammation.
  • The muscle-relaxing properties of magnesium and what it can be used for.
  • What Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are and what they do.
  • Why Vitamin D is part of Andrea’s evening routine.
  • Dr. Andrea shares her opinion of and experience with creatine.
  • How much protein Andrea recommends for peri-menopausal women post-workout.
  • Which foods are anti-inflammatory!
  • How much time women have post-workout to refuel, as opposed to men.
  • How the lack of research conducted on women results in women doing the wrong workouts.
  • How to optimize your workouts according to your natural menstrual cycle.
  • Dr. Andrea answers our fun Hotseat questions! 
  • How menopause affects exercise and what to do to reduce the side effects and stay active.
  • The benefits of weightlifting for creating muscle mass and how to start!
  •  How to find a balance and avoid workout burnout and fatigue.
  • The importance of getting enough sleep!
  • Advice for “weekend warriors” who battle to schedule workouts during the week.

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